Ybmhome BA386 Large Upright Dustpan, Blue

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Color:Blue Are you tired of dustpans that never seem to work? You keep sweeping and sweeping but there is a dust line that stubbornly refuses to clean away? Well, this dust pan by ybm home is sure to brush away that frustration. built using a piece of rubber on the bottom, it hugs the floor perfectly leaving no gaps for dirt to escape through . Its lip is also thinner than the tip of a needle so that even the tiniest particles of dirt get swept away. That’s right, no more annoying dust lines. Here’s why you’ll love this stand up dust pan : the ybm home dustpan is designed to standup to the demands of commercial use but compact enough for household use. The dustpan has a total height with its stick of 31.5 Inches for a comfortable sweeping position. The 31′ dustpan is durable lightweight and portable enough for daily use . For compact storage, the dustpan swivels upright and can be hung by the large hole in the handle. Sweep away messes with the ybm home large upright dustpan . The dustpan stands upright on its own and is flexible to swing in a few positions for more controlled dust pickup and disposal. This swinging dustpan will give you effortless and secure debris collection, emptying and transport . A rubber edge along the bottom of the dust pan allows you to use it for water too. Approximate measurements of shovel is as follows: height of the stick with the dustpan is 31.5 Inches width of the dustpan: 12 inches height of the dustpan itself 3′, length 7′ height of stick itself is 28′.


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