Xcel Disposable MicroFiber Dry Cloth 12′ x 8.4′, 85 – count

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Product Description

Xcel MicroFiber: Premium Disposable MicroFiber Dry Wipes, 12′ x 8.4′ Cloths, 85 Disposable Wipes in Canister —- Our Patent-Backed Nonwoven MicroFiber Will WORK & PERFORM DIFFERENTLY Than Anything You’ve Used Before, with 100% True MicroFiber Guaranteed in Each Wipe —- When Moistened with Water Alone, True MicroFiber Technology Has Been Independently Studied and Proven to Grab, Trap and REMOVE 99.9% OF MICROORGANISMS* —- Xcel MicroFiber Will Change The Way You Clean, Wipe, Dry and Dust —- uses include but not limited to: residential, commercial, industrial and automotive; homes, offices, restaurants, public facilities; kitchens, bathrooms, recreation spaces, workout areas; counters, floors, tables, chairs, cabinets, drawers, knobs, handles, railings, light fixtures, mirrors, windows; touchscreens, tv’s, monitors, laptops, dashboards, stainless steel appliances, cook-tops, glass, lenses (*based on independent, third-party test data)


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