Wipe Out Professional All-Purpose Pivoting Squeegee with Microfiber Cleaning Cover

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Product Description

Meet the cleaning kit designed to leave tile and glass gleaming and cleaning enthusiasts beaming in their newly polished mirrors. Simply put, Wipe Out washes with the microfiber scrubber and polishes mirrors, shower walls, and corners like a pint-size pro with its pivoting squeegee head. Your smooth surface clean streak starts now. Product features: – Ideal for washing and cleaning – Pivoting head and ergonomic design for no-fuss handling – Shower-friendly suction cup and storage hook – Renewable bamboo handle with self-standing function – Removable and washable microfiber scrubber – Clean wet glass & mirrors with the microfiber, pop off and dry with the squeegee The Wipe Out Pivoting Squeegee is more than a squeegee—it is a super scrubber with its removable microfiber cloth. So now you can scrub then squeegee for a 1-2 punch cleaning solution with extraordinary cleaning results. The Wipe Out Squeegee also pivots which allows you to get into tight spots, corners and other hard to reach areas. Use it to clean and polish mirrors, shower walls, tile and more. The microfiber cover allows you to use it for washing/scrubbing (microfiber) and cleaning (squeegee). And since the microfiber cover is removable and washable—you can be sure you’ll always be able to keep cleaning over and over.


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