Wedding Party Ceremony traditional couple jumping the Broom 32 inch decorated

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32 inch Traditional Wedding Jump Broom Perfect for your Jumping the Broom Ceremony at your Wedding or Reception to Signify your entrance into a new married life; Sweeping away your former single life, problems, and concerns, and Jumping into your new life as a married couple. Wedding Jump Broom is wrapped in satin ribbon and accented with white roses and Tulle netting. ‘Jumping the Broom’ is a tradition wherein the bride and groom, either at the ceremony or at the reception, signify their entrance into a new life by symbolically sweeping away their past lives and problems. Broom measures 32 inches long a great gift or keepsake item Full explanation of the tradition is indicated on packaging. Keepsake to Pass Down to your Children! Jumping the Broom The wedding broom jumping ceremony dates back from the slave days of Africa in the 1600s. To honor their African heritage, couples incorporate the tradition of broom jumping into either their wedding ceremony or reception. The jumping of the broom signifies their entrance into a new family by ‘sweeping away’ their single life, former problems and concerns. By jumping over the broom they show binding of the couple in marriage, symbolize fertility, and prosperity as they enter upon a new adventure as husband and wife. First Quality, No Seconds !!


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