Unger BBCOR Ergo 26′ Toilet Bowl Brush with 2 Nylon Bristle Heads

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Product Description

Are your staff tired of getting up close and personal with the toilets in your facility? Then give them this Unger BBCOR toilet bowl brush with 26′ handle. This toilet brush’s long handle not only keeps their hands away from dirty toilets, it also means less stopping or hunching over for fewer tired muscles and aching backs. Attached on the end of the long handle is a stiff bristled brush that is perfect for removing stubborn or stuck on stains. No need to worry though, the stiff bristles won’t scratch porcelain or other types of toilet bowls. Additionally, the angled head is great for getting up under the rim of the toilet.For storing, there is a convenient lanyard hole that can be used to hang this brush on a cart hook. Furthermore, this brush will not be affected by standard bowl cleaners. Each toilet brush comes with two replaceable, quick-drying nylon bristle heads.


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