UberGreen Microfiber Cleaning Cloth – Silver Infused | 4-Pack , Blue, Yellow, Green, Rose) – Reusable Enviro Microfiber

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Package Quantity:4  |  Color:Blue, Yellow, Green, Rose SILVER-THREAD SPECIFICATIONS: – Diameter: 30?, Denier: 8.7 Denier (External View), 70 Denier (Real), Electrical Resistivity: 105~108(%IACS), Thermal Conductivity: 360 kcal/?, Resistance: 23 ?/m, 78 dTex(0.0078 g/m) MICROFIBER SPECIFICATIONS: 0.5~0.6 denier (the unit for measuring fineness of fabric – for context, a strand of cotton has a rating of 200. A human hair has a denier of 20 and a strand of silk has a denier of 8). The UberGreen Microfiber Cloth is the next generation of eco-friendly, green cleaning that cleans better than anything you’ve ever used before. Save money and support the environment by dumping the chemicals – the UberGreen Microfiber Cloth does all the cleaning with only water. We use authentic silver fibers woven into our microfiber, using a patented process to do so. There is literally nothing like it on the market, as it requires advanced semi-conductor technology to weave the silver threads into the microfiber weave in such as way. This creates a superior cleaning product, as the most simple function of silver is to disable the enzyme that single-celled bacteria, viruses, mold, and fungi need for oxygen metabolism. When using our cloths, the microfiber removes the bacteria and kills it inside the cloth, leaving a bacteria-free surface without any residue left behind. Can be used in bathrooms, kitchens, hospitals, vehicles, even electronics (mobile devices and such). Beware of cheap knockoff “nano silver coated” microfiber – this type of process allows the silver to wash out over time. 100% Satisfaction guarantee – get yours today!


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