TubTrug SP42G Large Green Flex Tub, 38 Liter

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Product Description

Used by professionals the World over, Tubtrugs are build to last-two extremely strong handles and flexible body make handling a Tubtrug much easier than any average bucket or tub. Tubtrugs have reinforced ribbing for extra-strength and super-strong comfort grip handles. These tough guys are also frost-proof and UV-resistant. The do everything sized Tubtrug. Our large Tubtrug is perfectly sized to handle the smallest chores right on up to what most adults can comfortably carry. Flex it flat to sweep into, mix potting soils, carry water, beverages and ice on the deck, or toss it to the kids and have them clean up their room. Sized big for big needs such as landscaping, horse and livestock feeder, catering, garage organization, yard clean-up and household chores. 38 Liters/10 US Gallons, Food Grade Certified.


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