TightWipes TightScrub Sneaker Cleaner with built in cleaning brush

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Product Description

TightWipes TightScrub with Built-In Cleaning Brush allows for a quick and easy way to clean all your sneakers, shoes, and belongings. Each bottle comes with our built in cleaning brush and cleans up to 100 sneakers. It is loaded with our special TightScrub cleaning solution. It’s Eco Friendly and made with some good stuff like Coconut extract and Jojoba oils. Keep a bottle in your home or car and always be prepared for dirt. Have TightScrub available for that quick cleaning. brand new looking shoes right in front of you. Works on a variety of shoes including: Boots, leather, tennis shoes, basketball sneakers, golf shoes, Heels, and many more. Also Works Great On Cleaning Jackets, Hats, Handbags, Heels, and More. Keep your kicks looking clean tight.


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