T-shinning® Multi-purpose Bath Home Car Cleaning Cloth Microfiber Dust Plaid Super Soft Cloth Towel 11.8*11.9(3 Pack)

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Package Quantity:3 ?»: Description T-shinning Elegant fashionable design with environmentally safe print and an all new family safe dyeing and finishing process leaving you with stunning vibrant colors and no loss after washing also peace of mind that its safe, ecological and environmentally friendly. ¶?: Multi-purpose and Economical Perfect for household, kitchenware, car or hotel cleaning use. Can be used bed, bedside lamps, picture frames, curtains and windows, appliances, desks, bookcases or to clean your computer, ipad, camera and many others. ??: How to Cleaning for Cloths 1:Dirty towel or tea glue must be cleaned (stains), you can not wait half a day or even a day later before going to wash. 2:Washing towels can not be used to wash pots, especially rusty wok, wok on the rust will be towel adsorption, easy to clean. 3:It can not be together with other clothes in the washing machine to wash (towel adsorption force is too strong, if washed together, they will glue a lot of hairy, dirty stuff), can not use bleach and supple economic washing towels and other products. 4:Delicate young skin and baby during the initial period, the use of cosmetic towels not too hard, you can gently rub a few days later, no problem. (Superfine towel because quite thin, is 1/200 of hair, cleaning very thorough, strong adsorption.) ??: Special Note A:Shop selling Goods,100% Commitment of filming because light,There may be some natural chromatism,But wull not affect the overrall appearance,Please feel to buyer,Please Note. b:E-commerce,Chromatism problems inevitably,Not abslove recipients,Not A bad review color. Thanks . P.S.:Goods price will increase, Please Purchase it today will be get a very competitive price.Thanks .


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