Swedish Treasures Wet-it! Cleaning Cloth, My RV, Super Absorbent, Reusable, Biodegradable, All-purpose

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Wet-it! reusable cloths are swedish-made, versatile, high quality and last up to six months. Made of 70Percent cotton and 30Percent cellulose, our cloths are soft to the touch, yet strong and durable. The environmentally-responsible cloths are 100Percent biodegradable. The colorful, fun patterns are baked on with a patented process using watercolor based dyes that won’t fade or discolor, even if used with bleach or harsh cleaning products. This light-weight cloth absorbs 16 times its own weight! there is no need for disposable paper towels when you have wet-it! cloths in your home. This type of cloth is common in Sweden, and is quickly becoming a must-have item here in the American market. There are endless uses: great for general household cleaning, from kitchen cleanup to bathroom scrubbing or use them on your car or boat. Wet-it! cloths will polish silver without being abrasive and clean windows without leaving streaks or lint. They are even gentle enough to use on the baby. Create your own favorite use! easy to clean and disinfect; sterilize in the washing machine or top rack of the dishwasher. Bleaching agents are safe to use, but do not use softeners when washing as they will break down the fibers. Swedish Treasures, a family owned and operated business, began when mathilda Davies realized that the cleaning cloths she grew up using in Sweden were difficult to find in the us. Along with her husband Justin and other family members that make up the wet-it! team, these high quality, functional and environmentally responsible cloths are now readily available to everyone


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