STEELUTION: Large Jar/Bottle Brush (1)

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Product Description

Package Quantity:1 Our Newest offering! A new brush specifically designed to assist in cleaning all types of bottles and containers! It is 15′ Long and the bristles are 6′ wide. This brush will fit into almost any container with a hole larger than 1′ inch. Light weight with a large handle loop to spin the bristles with for quick and thorough cleaning. All STEELUTION products ship from our Upstate NY warehouse free of plastic retail packaging. Specifically Designed to clean: *Large jars, such as 1 gallon jars, all the way down to Quarts! *Craft Beer and cider Growlers *Baby bottles *Water bottles *Wine bottles *Vases *Teapots *Canteens *Flasks *Canning Jars and Glass jars of many types And many other types of contaniers. It is our hope that this brush will make cleaning and reusing your containers easier.


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