Sorbo Cobra Squeegee Channel 24′

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S?RBO 3X4 SQUEEGEES 40 degree with Safety Plastic End Plugs – #1273 to 1350 Handle sold separately The worlds safest, lightest, longest and straightest squeegees . 5′(13CM) to 78′(195CM) S?rbo Cobra Adjustable squeegee with 40 degree safety end plugs is the highest standard squeegee in the world. Like all S?rbo squeegees it is adjustable with 4 settings which make it possible to reduce firmness when cleaning windows as high as a 45ft./13 meters building. This squeegee is the only patented squeegee today with 3 patents and it is the most revolutionary squeegee made. An 18′(45cm) weighs only 4.8oz. (.52kg.) The squeegee rubber is secured with one interior and one exterior end clip. The interior clip is incorporated in the same end, left side, as the S?rbo 3×4 Logo. Replacement rubber is inserted from the opposite side. S?rbo squeegee channels are extruded high quality aluminum alloy. As a result they’re extraordinarily rigid and strong, but lightweight, allowing us to manufacture them in lengths previously impossible. Being rigid, they apply even pressure from end to end, assuring streak free windows. Longer lengths enable you to cover a larger area in less time. As a matter of fact, with S?rbo equipment you can accomplish up to three times as much within the same amount of time.


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