Sorbo 14′ Replacement Squeegee Rubber (1)

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Package Quantity:1 When it comes to rubber, consistency is next to resiliency. We spent years of painstaking research to develop a rubber formula with superior consistency. A perfect match for our Docket Squeegee Blade Sharpener. This formula also yields rubber with near ideal resiliency for better adaptability to window glass irregularities. All in line with our goal of making window cleaning easier and more profitable. Because we produce the longest, most rigid squeegee channels, we also make the longest standard molded squeegee rubber in the world. Before us, squeegeee rubber length never exceeded 36′. While they have a unique profile to fit S?rbo 3×4 channels, our rubber blades also fit all traditional channels. Our silicone rubber blade is available in 50-foot lengths. It sounds outrageous, but it could simplify your accounting as well as your window cleaning. It eliminates the need to stock many different sizes. Inventory tracking would be much simpler. Squeegee rubber of any length would simply be cut as needed. This could make your business more efficient all the way around.


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