Slipper Genie Microfiber Cleaning Slippers, Pink

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Product Description

Size:One size fits most  |  Color:Pink Get more done around your home with this pair of Slipper Genie microfiber cleaning slippers in pink for women, which allows you to keep your hard floors clean while simply walking through your home. Perfect for wood, tile, and vinyl floors, these slippers feature fluffy microfiber fingers on the soles that grab dog hair, gather dust bunnies and collect dirt. And because of their size and shape, these slippers can go where a broom or mop might not reach. A Velcro fastener attaches the cleaning cloth to the slipper, and it can be easily removed from the slipper to shake dust and dirt off before more cleaning. One size fits most. For use only on dry floors. Machine washable. Made in China.


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