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Product Description

Package includes two (2) sets of replacement cleaning pads for the Skrub Knife Cleaner. Skrub Knife Cleaner sold separately. Confidently clean your kitchen knives safely with the Skrub Knife Cleaner. The proprietary, patent-pending design reduces the risk of accidental cuts and effectively removes food debris without damaging or scratching your gourmet kitchen knives. Comfortable for both right or left handed users with a finger pocket on one side and thumb guide on the other, Skrub provides a protective barrier that a regular sponge cannot. The replaceable, non-scratch cleaning pads effectively clean without damaging your knives. They can be tossed in the dishwasher for periodic sanitizing and replaced when they wear out. The cellulose sponge base of each pad provides just enough cushion to wrap around the knife so that you can clean both sides of your blades with just a couple swipes.


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