Simple Health Global 4-In-1 Bottle Cleaning Soft Brush Set with Nipple, Spinning and Soap Brushes

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The Secret to Cleanliness Finally Revealed! Bottle Brush Cleaning Set By Simple Health Global finally provides all-around cleaning tools for any job, ensuring the cleanliness you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re stressed, constantly getting sick, don’t have the time to clean like you should or simply have trouble cleaning all of your different bottles or other items, our durable set of versatile cleaning tools are the number one choice of Busy Moms & Kitchen experts worldwide ? Designed with rare triple-weave bristles and form-fitting metal, ensuring easier bending and softer cleaning bristles ? H&-crafted to be the most durable set of bottles brushes on Amazon – Guaranteed! ? Created with you in mind! Bristles do not warp, do not spray water back in your face, & can easily clean both narrow and wide-mouth bottles of any shape or size ? Allows you to clean easier, faster and more conveniently – Giving you more time to do the things you love! ? The durable bottle brush, nipple cleaner, spinning bottle brush & soap dispensing brush set prepares you to tackle any size job, at any time Stop Dealing with Dirty Messes & Unsanitary Bottles Once & For All Bottle Brush – Durable bottle brush easily bends with bristles woven just tough enough to easily clean, but not too tough to handle Spinning Brush – Top head spins around to easily clean any size bottle without you doing ANY manual work! Works great for those with wrist pain or arthritis Nipple Cleaner – Easily & safely sanitize & clean baby nipples or any other bottle, humidifier or anything else that is smaller in size that requires a more sensitive approach Soap Dispensing Brush – Scrub your bottles, dishes or anything else while safely sanitizing & cleaning at the same time! Our unique brush allows you to easily press a button & dispense soap while you brush, for the best clean any time!


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