Sempermed ES-100 4ml Blue Box/100 Nitrile Gloves, Small

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Product Description

4-mil Blue Disposable Ambidextrous Gloves are made of co-polymer nitrile, a new non-latex process that has better tensile strength and elasticity than nitrile alone, yet has full barrier protection. Powder-free gloves have excellent fit and feel, good sensitivity, while protecting hands, reducing fatigue, and helping prevent cracked, dry skin. Thin and strong, co-polymer nitrile has the advantage of losing its ‘memory’ in less than 10 minutes. This reduces stress on the muscles of the hand, and acts like a support stocking, stimulating but not tiring the hands the longer the glove is worn. The low-modulus, hypo-allergenic formula keeps hands feeling cooler and drier, and it is more abrasion and puncture-resistant than vinyl. At the same time, nitrile also has the advantage of disintegrating immediately if a puncture does occur, alerting the operator that the glove must be replaced. Gloves fit right or left hands and should be worn once, then thrown away.


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