Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush® Heavy Duty Refills 8 Count

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Product Description

The Scrubbing Bubbles® Fresh Brush® system is the only system with two types of pads to meet every toilet cleaning need: Flushable for everyday cleaning and Heavy Duty pads for extra scrubbing power. This system truly makes cleaning a toilet easy. Simply use the disposable Fresh Brush® Heavy Duty pads for thorough weekly cleanings and Fresh Brush® Flushable pads for daily use. Fresh Brush® Heavy Duty toilet bowl cleaner pads can tackle tough challenges like hard water stains, toilet rings, lime scale, rust and more. And our Fresh Brush® Flushable feature active cleaners that work for days, loosening and clearing away daily soils and stains. With both types of pads, there’s no germy brush to store. Benefits: ? Advanced formula provides more power to remove limescale ? Eliminates odors as it cleans ? Great for tough stains ? Thousands of scrubby fibers ? Just toss in trash Number of Pieces: 8 Product Results: Cleaner, Removes Residue, Removes Mold and Mildew Stains, Used for Cleaning, Removes Dirt Product Form: Wipe Recommended Product Application: Toilet Rim, Toilet Bowl, Toilet Recommended Cleaning Surface: Porcelain, Ceramic Surfaces Not Recommended: Clothing, Fabric Scent: Unscented Product Warning: keep out of reach of children


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