Scotch-Brite 96-20 General Purpose Scouring Pad, 9′ Length x 6′ Width (Case of 20)

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Product Description

Product Description Cleansing Pad 98 Scrub Sponge 63 Scouring Pad 96 Scour Pad 2020 Pot ‘n Pan Pad 88cc Scrubing Action Light Duty Light Duty Medium Duty Heavy Duty Extra Heavy Duty Aluminum ? ? ? ? Doors/Floors/Walls ? ? Brass/Silver/Chrome ? ? Cooking/Kitchen Equipment ? ? ? Glass/Ceramic ? ? Non-Stick Cookware ? ? Pots and Pans ? ? ? ? ? Wood ? ? From the Manufacturer Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scouring Pad 96-20 is the original synthetic scouring pad, still a performance pacesetter. Non-rusting and resilient, the general purpose scouring pad replaces steel wool in residential and commercial kitchens. In side by side same product comparisons, Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scouring Pad 96-20 scours two to three times faster and is two to three times more durable than comparable medium-duty green scouring pads. Longer life, washability and reusability all lead to extended pad life and postponing disposal into landfills. Abrasive mineral particles are evenly distributed throughout the pad, ensuring consistent scouring performance as the scouring pad is rinsed and reused. Recommended for use on cookware, kitchen utensils and equipment, kitchen counters, floors, stairways, walls, railings, desks, counters and maintenance equipment. Scotch-Brite™ General Purpose Scouring Pad 96-20 is not recommended for use on polished or easily scratched surfaces. For more than a century, 3M has applied innovation and technology to improving our customers’ lives and supporting their business goals. Today the company, from its headquarters in St. Paul, Minnesota, serves industrial and commercial customers and consumers in nearly 200 countries. Building and Commercial Services products—a diverse category including environmental monitors, floor mats, fire barriers, and cleaning solutions—help customers maintain clean, safe, and attractive facilities. The 3M brand, across thousands of products, represents consistency, superior quality, and value.


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