Safix All Natural Coconut Coir Fiber Small Scrub Sponge- 3 Pack

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Eco-Friendly and Effective! Safix Scrub Pads are the new eco-friendly way to keep your entire house sparkling clean. Made of all natural coconut coir fibers, they are safe to use on all surfaces from the toughest cast iron to your most delicate ceramics.   No Scratch Fibers! The soft yet tough fibers will not scratch at all! Safix pads are made completely out of natural coconut fibers and a non-toxic adhesive.   Long Lasting! They last four times longer than traditional sponges and scrubbers and require less soap and harmful detergents. The pads are 100% biodegradable and once done they can be composted in your backyard. Safix and New Home Trends are committed to support a more natural home and a better life for the workers and farming families who help produce our scrub pads.   Building Communities! The pads are manufactured in India where we have become a symbol of hope for hundreds of women in rural regions. These women have been trained in cleaning the loose coconut coir fibers, a vital step for forming the scrub pads. Each pad sold helps support these women and their families in India.   New Home Trends is the exclusive distributor of all Safix products on Amazon, don’t accept any imitations!


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