Rubbermaid H217 60′ Length, Gripper Bamboo Composite Clamp Style Handle (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Invader side gate wet mop handle, large black plastic head, bamboo composite handle. Bamboo composite handles bamboo fibers are ten times stronger than wood fibers. Bamboo is a rapidly renewable resource with a short growth cycle of 5 years. Core is recycled hardwood. Recycled head made from 100 percent post- industrial polypropylene. Polypropylene is resistant to acids, bases and solvents and makes and excellent mop head. (on the gripper and invader skus.) variety handles work with 1′ or 5′ headband and all dust mop frames. Performance bamboo composite handles with recycled hardwood core provides top notch performance in strength and durability versus standard handles. Invader side gate handles thumb wheel clamps the mop firmly in place; should be used with 1′ headband mops. Locked-in antimicrobial agent protects against bacterial growth. Yellow/gray, except as noted. ‘Green’ wet and dust mop handles are made of bamboo grass, a highly renewable resource that does not require pesticides. Harvesting does not kill plants or promote erosion. Mop handles are extremely durable and 1 percent recyclable. Helps to earn leed points and contributes to sustainability.


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