Revolver Drill Brush – Power Scrubbing Drill Attachment – Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tool 2 brush kit

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Heavy duty commercial quality, the Revolver Drill Brush is designed to brush away dirt and grime with the help of your cordless or corded drill! Just mount the Revolver Drill Brush in your drill using the 5/16′ universal galvanized steel shaft, and you’ll be cleaning and scrubbing easily with minimal effort. The Revolver Drill Brush comes with an unconditional 1 year money back guarantee. The Revolver Drill Brush is the amazing rotary brush for your cordless drill that makes cleaning and scrubbing EASY! Just attach to any drill, and let the revolving Drill Brush do the cleaning for you with power scrubbing action! Don’t just clean it, Drill Brush it! The Revolver Drill Brush is perfect for a wide variety of applications: Scrub the bilge of the boat. Engine Cleaning – Drill Brush away grease and grime! Use the drill brush on tough carpet stains Drill Brush dirt and mildew from fuel tanks, engine room walls. Great for brushing and cleaning boat decks, pontoon floats, or even plastic docks. Great for tile & grout, brick and stone, patio furniture, and other uses around the house The Revolver Drill Brush is made with durable nylon bristles, designed for the toughest cleaning and brushing jobs. Our drill brush comes with a galvanized steel 5/16′ hex-headed shaft that is machined into durable plastic base for ‘no spin out’ action and no rust. The sturdy 2′ long nylon bristles expand to a 4.5′ diameter when using the drill brush. Use the drill brush for tough cleaning jobs! The drill brush saves you time! The drill brush blows away grime! The drill brush blasts away mold and mildew! Attach the Revolver Drill Brush to your drill and watch the grime disappear!The small brush is used for tighter areas to detail in corners and around fixtures. It is 2 inches in diameter and feature medium nylon bristles that are an inch and a half long. See our other Drillbrush Amazon listings to buy these and other drill powered brushes.Cordless drill NOT included Drill NOT included.


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