reuseit Waste-free, 3 piece set, Swivel Sweeper Mop with machine washable, Reusable Dry and Wet Mop Heads

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Get all the convenience of sweeper-style mops without any of the unnecessary disposable waste with this sustainable mop kit. With a reusable dry head and wet head, you’ll be able to clean up even the dirtiest messes easily and quickly—keeping both you and the planet oh-so happy. As convenient as a use-and-throw-away mop pad might be, have you ever considered the overwhelming waste that it creates? Hypothetically speaking, if it takes two wet pads and one dry pad to get the floors in your home looking spick and span, and you tidy up only once a week, that’s 156 non-recyclable, single-use pads that go straight from your floor and into the garbage every year. We sincerely hope not, but if this statistic represents the behavior all 123.3 million households in America, that’s over 19.2 million pads creating mountains of waste in landfills around the country. All we have to say is—that’s just gross. By choosing a reusable alternative, you’ll never again contribute another mop pad to the madness. This mop pad kit was specially designed and manufactured by reuseit to be both incredibly simple to use AND super sustainable. The practical, sweeper-style mop features an extendable handle and comes with both a wet and dry head that slip easily and securely onto the frame of the mop head. The wet mop features a head full of scrubbing tassels that will hold onto and disperse water and cleaning solution right where you need it—while the dry mop is a microfiber style cloth that will pick up all the dust bunnies, dirt and grunge that may be hiding on your hardwood or tile floors. And, when clean up’s complete, each mop head is machine washable—no need to add to your list of chores. Size: Mop heads measure 13”L x 4.75”W Handle extends from 30.7”L to 54.4’L.


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