PVA Ultra Super Absorbent Professional Double Roller Sponge Foam Mop

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Product Description

This is the mop head you have been looking for. Sweeping, mopping and waiting for the floor to dry can take up to an hour. Why waste time and effort when the PVA Mop will do the work for you? Using the PVA Mop , you can clean up even sticky messes in seconds. Since the surface of the mop actually attracts dirt, dust and grime, you can mop and sweep all in one easy step. And since it actually dries as it cleans, you’ll eliminate drying time too! This is 100% PVA mop. . Super Vacuum Absorption works 10 times faster than ordinary mops! Cleans virtually any mess in minutes! Works on almost any surface in your home! Cleans and dries in seconds! Sweeps and mops in one step! Eliminates dangerous bacteria! Includes: Mop Head and Handle Handle extents 59 In.


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