Pack of 40 Dust Clothes for Furniture, Printers, Electronics, No Spray Needed Chicopee 0413 Stretch ‘n Dust, Medium Duty 17′ x 12.6’ Unfolded

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Size:Home The Chicopee 0413 Masslinn Stretch’n Dust Cloth is made of a disposable, stretchable, nonwoven polyester/rayon blend, treated with mineral oil to increase dust retention, and used for removal of dust from smooth surfaces. This material is low in lint, making it suitable for use on smooth, shiny surfaces. This dusting wipe is UL certified, in the floor-treatment materials category, sweeping compounds (FTM-6) class, to not create a slippery surface or heat spontaneously. This yellow and orange dusting wipe measures 12.6′ x 17′, and comes in a household pack containing 40 wipes each. Dust cloths have traditionally been made of cotton, and used with an oil- or water-based treatment to improve dust retention. Microfiber dust cloths are made from extremely thin synthetic fibers that are more absorbent than cotton, non-abrasive, lint-free, and generate an electrostatic charge that attracts and retains dust to reduce the need for treatment. Dust cloths are sometimes attached to the frame of a dust mop or hand tool to extend their reach. Polymer Group manufactures engineered nonwoven materials under the brands Chicopee and MediSoft, among others. The company, founded in 1992, is headquartered in Charlotte, NC.Whether you’re in a critical care environment, school or office building, keeping your business clean and hygienic should be a priority. The health and well-being of employees and visitors are critical to the success of each establishment. Chicopee’s® scientifically engineered wiping solutions help support your cleaning protocol needs. The Problem Dust and dirt build-up is inevitable on every kind of smooth floor or surface. Not only unattractive and unhygienic but dust and dirt may also cause allergies or more serious health and safety problems. Traditional floor and surface cleaning cloths may contribute to the problem by transferring dirt and grime from one area to another. The Solution Chicopee nonwoven floor and surface wipes have several advantages over traditional cleaning. They offer superior dust and dirt pickup. Plus with their unique 3D structure, Chicopee nonwoven floor and surface wipes help ensure a higher standard of cleaning.


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