OXO Good Grips Grout Brush

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Style Name:Grout Brush Product Description Keep your bathroom spotless with the Oxo Good Grips Grout Brush. Its narrow rows of bristles are ideal for cleaning the grout between tiles as well as medicine cabinet and shower door tracks. Use it to scrub bath fixtures and behind sink faucets. A broad, soft handle keeps your hands comfortable while you keep your home clean. This grout brush is a perfect companion to tiled countertops, floors, walls, and shower stalls. It attacks grime with two types of bristles, and its pointed head accesses corners and other hard-to-reach spots with ease. When your chores are through, hang this tool to let it dry, thanks to an oversize opening in the handle. The Good Grips line features durable, nonslip flexible handles on every product. Ergonomically designed to fit the palm comfortably and softly, the pressure-absorbing processed rubber handle puts less tension on the hands, while providing an outstanding grip. Made from the same material as dishwasher gaskets are constructed of, the handles are slip-proof, wet or dry, as well as dishwasher-safe. Good Grips products are moderately priced and have won the Tylenol/Arthritis Foundation Design Award. –Laurie Notaro See all Product description


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