Nine Forty Industrial Strength Cotton Dust Mop Head Cleaning Wedge Refill

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Product Description

Material Type:Cotton This commercial grade cotton dust mop refill is hand made in the USA and is the perfect mop for hard to reach places. It can be used to clean hardwood, laminate, and tile floors or under / behind furniture. The most advantageous use is for textured surfaces such as ceilings that often collect dust and spider webs. The dust mop head is designed as a commercial janitorial cleaning supply, giving it a long service life allowing the consumer to get a good value for the price. Care Instructions: Split-end cotton does a good job of attracting dust and dirt but is vulnerable when it comes to laundering. Machine washing can fray the ends and reduce your mops ability to collect dust and dirt. To maximize your mops service life and performance we suggest you follow these simple instructions. The mop head will not need to be washed after every use. If used lightly simply shake out excess dust. For heavily soiled mop heads follow the instructions below. WARNING – DO NOT USE BLEACH OR FABRIC SOFTNERS. 1 – Remove dust mop from frame and shake out excess dust. Hand wash with regular detergent in warm water. Cold water rinse. 2 – Lay mop on flat surface and allow to air dry.


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