MopRite B01NB Spin Mop and Bucket System with Microfiber Mop Head and Scrub Brush

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Product Description

MopRite! DO IT RIGHT! ONE PRODUCT PERFECT FOR ALMOST EVERY JOB! DUAL FUNCTION MOPRITE SYSTEM FOR SPIN WASHING AND DRYINGThe washing spin cycle makes washing the mop easy – Just fill the water up to them max line, and connect the mop to the washing spinner inside the bucket. Press down on the mop and the washing starts – loosening dirt, dust and hair from the mop. Simply move the mop to the spinner basket, press down on the handle, the spinning motion releases dirt and wrings up to 90% of the water out of the mop. Compare with other spin mops! TIME SAVING, MONEY SAVING, DURABLE, CONVENIENT, EASY TO USE AND SAFE:~The only spin mop with an agitator in the water reservoir for spin washing loosening dirt dust and hair. ~Innovative design reduces stress on back and hands to eliminate injury and fatigue. ~Stainless steel handle with adjustable height. Adjustable Mop Angle goes any hard-to-reach areas. Mop is free-standing.~Super absorbent microfiber material can be used wet or dry on multiple surfaces. Safe to use on all surfaces: hardwoods, laminates, ceramic tile, marble, linoleum, vinyl, stone, granite & glass. ~Includes bonus scrub brush.~Green cleaning & eco-friendly! No harsh chemicals needed, just hot water! Each re-usable mop head lasts over 6 months. Save money on those disposable cleaning pads. SYSTEM INCLUDES:1.75 Gallon Dual Chamber Bucket Stainless Steel Mop Pole Mop Plate Microfiber Mop Head Scrub BrushUser’s Manual


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