MopDash© Space Saving Spin Mop and Bucket, No Foot Pedal Needed. With Scrub Brush Included. (Plastic)

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Material Type:Plastic Product Overview Why overwork with the traditional mop? Just reach into your closet and grab the neatly stored MopDash. Remove the the mop (which can be taken apart to 3 smaller sticks for easier storage), and attach the Super absorbent microfiber mop head for everyday cleaning or the Scrub Brush for tougher stains. Fill the heavy duty plastic 2 gallon bucket until the indicator and dunk in the Mop. Unlocking the lever to enable spin mode, Slightly bop the mop up and down to enable the spin. The mop is thoroughly rinsed! No worries about wetting your hands in the process! Lift the mop, Spin Mechanism lifting along with it and repeat the slight push-and-lift spin process until it is wrung out. (The Spin Mechanism comes in both Plastic and Stainless Steel, your choice) You are ready to MopDash! The complete recline design allows the Mop to slide underneath your furniture, sofa and beds. The 180 degree swivel head allows you to maneuver your way into the hard-to-get spots. While washing, rinse and wring as many times as desired. You’re done. Your floor is shining again! The last thing you want is the soiled water splashing on you. Just open the spout on the bottom side of the bucket above any sink or tub and let the water flow out. Store it away once again, only taking the space of a standard bucket. Place the mop stick parts into the bucket, compact as ever. Features Heavy duty plastic for a longer lasting bucket Lightweight stainless steel handle Spin to wring and spin to rinse Release spout for easy spill 360 degree spin movement Includes Scrub Brush Package Contents MopDash Mop and Bucket Scrub Brush Microfiber Mop Head


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