MopAway Replacement Microfiber Super Absorbant Mop Head

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Product Description

MopAway Replacement Microfiber Super Absorbant Mop Head is specifically designed for the MopAway Mop sets. The rotating mop head is specially designed so it can be easily attached or removed without having to touch the dirty mop head Directions For Replacing Mop Head: To replace the round cloth disk(Mop head), hold the steel pole with one hand then step on the plastic part of the round cloth disk (Mop head) then pull the steel pole upwards. Do not step on the joint between the the steel pole and the disk! To reattach the mop head; simply attach it to the steel pole, look for the groove and push it down. The mop is now reassembled and ready for use. 1000’s of People have trusted the MopAway® Mops for years to provide the very best in cleaning products


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