Microfiber Hi Duster Kit Extendable to 48′ with Bendable Head

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Product Description

Our microfiber High Duster Kit will make dusting easy. It is the ultimate dusting tool for those difficult to reach places. The Duster will grab and hold small and large particles making it easy to remove hair, dust, and dirt. Makes cleaning ceiling fans safe. No ladder needed. Dust hard to reach places like under the stove, under the refrigerator, and how about the dryer vent. Our kit includes a 4 foot lightweight metal handle, 2 foot bendable wand, Chenille dusting head, and Ultra thin dusting head. Heads are washable hundreds of times. You’ve love it! Note: When you receive your shipment, check both ends of the box for the Ultra thin dusting head. Depending on which end you open, it can be easy to miss. Also: Check out the Whole House Kit to get this Hi Duster along with a complete Microfiber Floor Mop and Dusting Cloths for a great bundle price: Search for Amazon item B006EKIVLK


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