Magid ROC40T Men’s Bamboo Glove with Nitrile Palm, Large

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Product Description

Amazing grip, dexterity and tough protection – all in a glove so comfortable, you barely know it’s there. Naturally comfortable, remarkably sustainable, work tough ROC gloves with a rayon made from bamboo shell grip like iron yet feel like bare hands. Grown without pesticides or chemicals, rayon made from bamboo is 100% biodegradable and naturally regenerative. These gloves are lighter, cooler and more absorbent than cotton gloves. One of the chief complaints people have about wearing gloves is that their hands get hot. The ROC rayon made from bamboo fabric is moisture wicking and breathable, and its natural UV protection makes working outdoors worry free. The durable nitrile coated palm delivers excellent grip, dexterity and abrasion resistance while hiding dirt and grime. Comfortable form-fitting shells allow extra dexterity for working with small items. Self-fitting knit wrist keeps dirt out. Easy clean ROC is machine washable – just lay flat to dry. Not liquid proof. Men’s size large.


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