Lysol 57504-1PDQ 3-in-1 Kitchen & Bathroom Sponge

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Product Description

The Lysol 57504-1PDQ 3-in-1 kitchen and bathroom sponge is a versatile sponge that is specifically designed to clean the surfaces in your kitchen or bathroom. It is effective in removing hard stains, cleaning porcelain surfaces and is safe to use on mirrors and sinks. These scrubber sponges have an anti-microbial Treatment that prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria on the sponge. The sponges easily rinse clean after the job is done, so they’re always ready to be reused. The Lysol 57504-1PDQ 3-in-1 kitchen and bathroom sponge is made in the USA. Over the years, Lysol has expanded and improved their products to meet the world’s ever-changing needs. Today, Lysol products, including cleansers, disinfectants and hand soaps are widely used in homes, Schools and businesses around the world.


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