Loctite 1381191 Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver, 8-Ounces

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Product Description

Product Description Loctite Naval Jelly Rust Dissolver is the original rust treatment formula that has been used for over 25 years. It removes rust from metal surfaces such as iron and steel. From the Manufacturer Henkel loctite naval jelly rust dissolver has been known and trusted for decades. It is the ideal product for heavily rusted items. Loctite naval jelly rust dissolver will remove the rust right before your eyes. Simply brush on, watch loctite naval jelly dissolve the rust, and rinse off. Your rusted items will look like new in no time! Loctite’s special formula will take even the most heavily rusted surface right down to the bare metal. Follow up by priming or painting the surface, or applying a topcoat that will protect the surface from future exposure to moisture. For over 55 years, loctite products have delivered trusted performance and proven results. You can tackle any repair with the performance of loctite-the adhesive authority.


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