Lint Brush

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Product Description

Remove Lint from Any DryerRemove lint buildup from your dryer trap to help improve energy efficiency and dry clothes faster. Helps reduce fire danger, too! The long, flexible brush works with all dryers to remove lint with just a few quick swipes.Save Money and Reduce Fire DangerLint buildup in dryers can be a fire hazard and sometimes cleaning the standard lint trap isn?t enough to remove the danger. The laundry lint brush reaches further into the dryer system to remove lint you can?t see. Lint buildup can also reduce your dryer?s efficiency, making it work harder and use more energy. Removing the excess lint can help your dryer run more smoothly and help you save money on energy costs.The sturdy cleansing brush includes an easy-grip handle to make cleaning easy. Works with virtually any gas or electric dryer. Plastic wire, 29’L.


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