Liberty A-Grip Latex Dipped Textured Palm Coated Glove, Small, Gray (Pack of 12)

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Product Description

Liberty latex dipped textured palm coated glove. Glove comes with 10-gauge cotton/polyester knit shell. Coated gloves provide extra protection, extra comfort, better tactility and in some styles, greater cut resistance, depending on the type of liner material used for the glove. Palm coated gloves have better dexterity and breathability in warmer climates offering more air circulation on the hand and have better grip on the palm area. Latex offers super strength and dexterity, liquid proof and chemical resistance protection in the unsupported version. It is an excellent choice for protecting product from contamination or handler from product. For a versatile solution, you can expect abrasion resistance, handling sharp edges or building materials like concrete block, tile or lumber from coated rubber. Applications: automotive, battery manufacturing, chemical plants, aircraft assembly, food processing, pesticide manufacturing. Gray color. Small size.


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