LDR 164 M6459BN Toilet Brush with Canister Brushed Nickel Finish

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Color:Brushed Nickel Finish The LDR Toilet Brush and Stylish Canister combines style and practicality and is the perfect addition to any bathroom. The brush head is built with full dense Long lasting fibers. The brush has a tapered form as well, allowing for deep cleaning under the rim and other hard to reach places quickly and efficiently. The bristles are hard enough to scrub away the dirt and debris yet soft enough to prevent the water from splattering while cleaning. The canister, brush handle, and brush stem is newly designed with strong metal construction. This makes the brush easier to assemble, more sturdier and more durable. While the handle and canister is a classy Brushed nickel finished, the brush head is white, preventing any staining the toilet bowl from the finish. When stowed away, the brush is completely concealed in its own containment cylinder for neat and elegant storage. The canister is equipped with a stylish outside and a practical inside. The shiny mirror like brushed nickel finish is smooth and lightweight but substantial aluminum metal quality. The canister is equipped with a removable plastic bin. After use, there is no need to clean or dry the brush before storing it away the water from the brush will drip into the plastic removable bin. The included plastic lining will prevent the wet brush from rusting the canister. The insert can be easily cleaned by rinsing under water as well. Simple assembly will have your bathroom transformed in no time.


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