Jetz-Scrubz Scrubber Sponge, Round, Set of 3

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Product Description

Jetz-Scrubz scrubber sponge allows fast and easy cleanup without scratching or damaging surfaces. It’s even safe for cleaning nonstick cookware. A favorite among cleaning supplies, the scrubber sponge with unique dual-cleaning surfaces make cleanup a snap! use the smooth side for a thorough, yet gentle cleaning on pots and pans, Plates, glassware and barware and the textured side to remove more stubborn or stuck-on bits. The scratch-free material is safe for use on all surfaces. Jetz-scrubz’s scrubber sponge is proudly made in the USA. It’s economical, reusable, wear-and-tear resistant to get more uses with less waste. Keep it clean and sanitized between uses by running it through the dishwasher. Set of 3.


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