Jet Clean Button Lock Easy Reach Extension Pole for Pro Window Cleaning Kit-Extends 29.5′ to 53′-Locking

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Size:Locking 29.5-53 WE LISTENED! The #1 request was to make a pole that locks into the Pro Window Cleaning Kit, and we have updated our design to offer this new and improved pole at no additional cost! The Jet Clean Button Lock Extension Pole will extend your reach with the Jet Clean Pro Window Cleaning Kit. It’s a collapsible pole that provides 29.5′ of additional reach at its shortest length up to an incredible 53′ of additional reach when fully extended. It can be easily extended or collapsed by twisting the pole inside the locking collar without any tools. It can be adjusted and locked in at any length between 29.5′ and 53′. It has a high quality comfort grip handle, is light weight, and has a quick attach end that allows Jet Clean heads to slide onto the pole and remain secure due to the engineering of the four slot grooves found at the end of the pole and inside the Jet Clean cleaning heads. This allows for quick changes between washers, squeegees, or other heads while still securing them in place. EXTEND YOUR REACH – Gain additional reach any distance from 29.5” to 53” more EASILY LENGTHEN OR SHORTEN THE POLE – Simply twist the pole inside the locking collar to tighten or loosen, allowing you to change the pole length quickly. NO TOOLS NECESSARY TO SHORTEN OR LENGTHEN – You can simply twist the pole in the locking collar without needing additional tools. COMFORT GRIP HANDLE – The handle has been molded to comfortably fit your hand. QUICKLY CHANGE ATTACHMENTS – The unique quick change head allows you to change attachments without the need to screw or tighten them in place. Simply push them firmly to the end of the pole and you’re ready to clean. NO SCREW END – This pole does NOT have a typical threaded screw end like many universal painters poles and extension poles. It will not screw onto attachments. It is made to work with the Easy Squeegee 3-Size Pro. … Click the ‘Add To Cart Button’ NOW


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