Homevative Microfiber Spray Mop Kit /w 3 pads, 2 bottles, and Precision Detailer

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What’s Included The Homevative Microfiber Spray Mop 2x Resuable Bottles 3x Rewashable Carbon Fiber Pads 1 Hair and Gum scraper Instructions and Best Use Guide Gift Packaging What makes us better? At Homevative we strive to create the best customer experience imaginable. We take existing ideas in the market and make them better by listening to the opinion the matters the most: You! First there was traditional mopping which caused a ton of headaches. – Aches in your back, arms, and shoulders from awkward movements. – A heavy bucket full of water that needs to be cleaned in between uses and is bulky to store. – Mildew and mold buildup that deteriorates your mop. – Not to mention all the time it takes to rearrange your house to even get started. Then there was big brand sweeper mops, but they also caused headaches. – Plastic design led to the unit easily breaking. – The disposable pads, bottles, and batteries became extremely expensive. – The lack of options in cleaning solutions put you in a fixed corner. – The damage created by thousands and thousands of pounds of waste from throwing away disposables. That’s why we created the Homevative microfiber spray mop! – We fixed the easily breakable design by adding a lightweight, durable aluminum shaft to hold the unit together. – We got rid of the need for batteries by adding a pressure controlled spray handle. – We got rid of the need for thin, lacking disposable pads by adding in thick, absorbant machine washable carbon fiber pads. – We got rid of the need for costly disposable replacement solution by giving you the ability to add your own. *Compared to Swiffer refills at the current Amazon price.


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