Home-X Doll Kitchen Scrub Brush, Girl Design (Blue)

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Product Description

Charming doll shaped brush, with scrubbing hair bristles, adds a bit of contemporary whimsy to your sink area. Durable and innovative design; great for everyday use; features tough cleaning, non-scratching nylon bristles. Gently removes even stubborn food residue dishes, pots and pans. About 9′ tall and able to stand on its own…you’ll enjoy while it’s hard at work…or simply adorning the sink doing nothing. For daily maintenance, rinse thoroughly after each use, shake to remove excess water and let air dry in between uses.Nylon bristles, with handle made made from durable thermoplastic polymer and polypropylene. Each measures about 9′ x 3.5′ x 3′. Available as Girl Design (Blue), Boy Design (Black), or Set of 2 (Blue and Black).


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