Home Solutions Cordless PRO Mini Handheld Vacuum Sweeper and Lint Brush

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How to use it using this tool is easy. It’s basically a compact dirt storage container with cleaning tools on the top and bottom. It’s small size makes it comfortable to hold, but the clever design also allows for ample storage. On the underside you will see a roll of flexible bristles that spans the entire length and sticks out about half way. The other half of the bristle roll is hidden inside the container and this is key to how it functions. As you roll the handy sweeper over chunks of dirt, the bristles will spin to lift up and grab those little bits of dirt. As it’s lifted up into the container, all of the dirt will be deposited inside and away from the roll. For smaller debris, use the red, lint remover side in a continuous direction to clean it with ease. This tool is designed for use with pieces that are dry, but will work on wet stuff too. Light pressure will give best results for larger objects and increased pressure will improve performance for smaller ones. 1…To clean using the roller, use a simple back and forth sweeping action. It will lift up dirt while rolling in either direction. 2…To clean using the lint remover, brush in the direction of the arrow. This material only cleans in one direction, but it will lift up every spec of lint and fur it moves over. 3…Results will vary slightly based upon surface type, but it will be effective no matter where you use it. 4…When the storage container is full, simply separate the two halves and tip it over to dump it out. The two pieces come apart easily and then snap together securely after emptying. 5…When in constant use or certain debris makes it really dirty, just pop it in the dishwasher for cleaning.


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