Heavy-Duty PlumbCraft Toilet Plunger & Durable Cleaning Brush with Caddy (White/Blue)

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Product Description

Color:White/Blue Product Description The PlumbCraft toilet plunger and brush caddy provides convenient, all-in-one storage, while keeping your bathroom floors clean from unsanitary toilet water and residue. The caddy features a heavy-duty plunger that fits most all toilets and a durable cleaning brush. Plus, it’s featured in a sleek and attractive design that blends in with most all bathroom home decor styles. Trust PlumbCraft with all of your toilet care and repair needs — the brand that plumbers have trusted for more than 50 years. From the Manufacturer Toilet Plunger, brush and caddy set. Rounded bowl brush for easy reach cleaning. Plunger has maximum plunging power.


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