Generic Silicone Antibacterial Sponge Scrubber for Dishwashing Heart

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Product Description

Silicone Eco Scrubber Made of 100% silicone material  ·SSD technology brushes for clean dish washing  ·Soft and elastic silicone material ·Restrains the propagation of germs  ·No scratch to dishes  ·Sterilized in boiled water  ·Stick to sink tube or titles, speedy natural drying  ·Diferenent shapes ideal for different purposes  ·Designs in star, heart, and snow flower Warning:  ·No use of fire directly and bleaching agent  ·Keep away from fire ·Do not use with sharp edges  ·Do not use for other purposes  ·Not for small children  MATERIAL: SILICONE  SIZE: Snow Flower 120*140*20mm/ Heart 125.5*120*18mm/ Star 120*130*20mm


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