Food Handling NSF Multi Purpose Disposable Vinyl Gloves (X-Large – 100/box)

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Size:X-Large -100/box The Bison Life NSF Powder free Multi purpose Disposable Vinyl Gloves are a customized solution to reduce risks of food contamination and provide extra-protection to your hands while performing different errands. Bare hand contact with food or any products in due course lead to contamination. This is when the utilization of gloves prove to be useful. Besides protecting your hand from oils, corrosives, chemicals and more, gloves guarantee safety and hygiene of all the products or equipment you handle. Bison Life NSF certified powder free Vinyl glove is crafted with a cutting-edge design, has advanced comfort and grip and is tailored for multipurpose use. These gloves can be used in maintenance, safety and food industry. These gloves can additionally be used in other fields to shield your hands while you are engaged in various activities including handling of tools and machinery. – Multi-purpose glove with comfortable fit for easy usage and ample protection – Enhanced and exceptional tactile sensitivity – NSF Certified – highest certification standard in the industry – Free of DOP/DEHP (di-octyl-phthalate / di-2-ethyl hexyl phthalate), this multi-purpose glove is absolutely safe and reliable – Comes in a flat-packed design, thereby making provision for optimum dispensing – Improvised grip for comfortable handling of items – Available in all sizes from S to XXL – 100% Latex & powder free. The Bison Life™ Promise Bison Life™ is dedicated to providing healthful, gentle and safe personal care products for the entire family. We continuously strive to be your trusted partner in wellness and exceed your expectations. We would like to hear from you with any comments or suggestions


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