Fibermop 11 Piece Wet/Dry Microfiber Cleaning Kit

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Microfiber=microclean. The very tiny structure of the fiber allows it to pick up dust and pet hair to very last speck and absorb 10 times its weight in water. Hypoallergenic household. Microfiber cleans your home without the use of harmful chemicals improving air quality in your home and saving you money. Comfortable and durable metal handle extends from 33 to 59 inches for those hard to reach places. You can wash your floors, windows and your car with this truly multipurpose cleaning tool. Easy storage. Save storage space in your closet by hanging fibermop on the wall mount provided in the kit. Reusable mop pads. Just wash and reuse over 500 times. The mop pad attaches to velcro strips on the mop plate. Just peel it off and pop it into the washer for a brand new look and feel. The 11 Piece Microfiber Cleaning Kit includes: One 14.5′ Wide Classic Chenille Mop One 14.5′ Wide Microfiber Rubbing Swab One 14.5 Wide Soft Microfiber Swab One 10.5′ Wide Soft Microfiber Swab One Large Mop Plate One Small Mop Plate One Expandable Telescopic Bar One Microfiber Cleaning Cloth Set (3 pieces) One Wall Mount Unit New in original, stress free packaging. Package Dimensions: 34’x 5’x 3′ Weight: 2 pounds


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