Estaly Cute Flower Toilet Brush Bowl Scrubber Cleaner

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If you want to keep the toilet bowl clean and sparkling, you have to scrub it frequently, but who wants to constantly be lugging a toilet brush in and out of the bathroom? With the Estaly Decorative Flower Toilet Bowl Brush with Base, you can keep a toilet brush at your fingertips without having to store a messy, unsightly brush within in plain view in the bathroom. This toilet brush is the ideal way to simplify bathroom cleaning and get great results from every scrub. Enhances Your Decor in an Instant The Decorative Flower Toilet Bowl Brush with Base is designed to beautifully fit into your decor rather than detract from it. The toilet bowl brush has a white handle that is designed to look like a tree branch. Two pink and orange orchids blossom from the sides of the brush, adding a touch of charm without getting in the way of your grip. The brush head fits perfectly into the included red base, which is beveled and designed to look just like a flower pot. The pot is just 4.5 inches wide, so it can fit easily beside a toilet even in a small bathroom. The overall height of the base and brush together is 18 inches, making it easy to grab without having to bend and strain your back. A Powerful Cleaning Tool Not only is the Decorative Flower Toilet Bowl Brush with Base attractive to the eye, but it’s also a remarkably effective cleaning tool. The brush head is 3 inches by 4 inches in size, giving it enough surface area to make cleaning quick and simple. The bristles are flexible to clean around the contours of the toilet; however they are also very durable to resist breakage and wear and tear. When the brush head does become worn after many uses, you can easily replace it. Stop staring at that ugly toilet brush or going through the hassle of hiding it away when it’s not in use. Order today and add charm to your decor while taking bathroom care to the next level of clean.


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