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True Chemical-Free Cleaning – Dust Mop Head is versatile for use on all flooring e-cloth Dust Mop Head Quicker and easier than a vacuum. Includes: (1) Dust Mop Head. The Dust Mop Head is so versatile that it is perfect for use on all ?oor surfaces including vinyl, laminate, stone, ceramic, tile, hardwood, linoleum and concrete. The exceptional static properties attract dust and pet hair with ease. Excellent for cleaning walls, ceilings and hard-to-get-places like cathedral ceilings. Convenient Chemical-Free Cleaning when paired with the telescopic handle of the Deep Clean Mop. It is true chemical-free cleaning. Using just water, e-cloths provide the best clean and are proven to remove over 99% of all bacteria (including e-coli and listeria) from hard surfaces. e-cloth ?bers attract moisture and oil, and the millions of ?bers lift and trap dirt, grease, grime, mildew and bacteria in the cloth. When cloths are rinsed and washed this material is ?ushed from the cloth. Each cloth is guaranteed for 300 machine washings. Product Specifics 5.25”x17.5” Dust Mop Head Caring for Your e-cloth Cloths can be machine washed with your regular wash using everyday detergent. Recommended to wash the cloths in Warm or Hot temperatures. Do not use bleach or fabric softener. Cloths may be hung to dry or tumbled dry in the dryer – do not use fabric softener. Science Behind e-cloth It is e-cloth’s fiber composition, fiber size, fiber processing and density of cloth that allows e-cloth to achieve extraordinary cleaning and drying, outperforming all other cleaning cloths. Most e-cloths are made from polyester (naturally attracts dirt and dust) and nylon (naturally attracts oil and water). That composition combined with a fiber density of over 1.6 million fibers per square inch enable the cloth to clean everything off of a hard service when activated with water. Bacteria Removal Clinical testing done by the internationally accredited Silliker Group has proven to remove 99% of bacteria including E. coli and Listeria using just water. The tiny fibers lock them away where the bacteria stay until the cloths are rinsed. After a rinse with warm water, just 0.01% of bacteria is reintroduced onto surfaces. Reusable e-cloths are manufactured with very high quality raw materials. This makes these cloths so durable they are guaranteed for 300 machine washes. If washed weekly, that’s almost 6 years of cleaning. Safer for Your Family Household cleaners were the third largest category of substances associated with calls to poison control centers. Over half of the calls were regarding an incident involving children six years old and younger. Eliminating chemicals is good for you and your family. A Better Clean Using an e-cloth and just water can give your home the best clean it’s ever had with less effort and expense than your current cleaning method. Your windows and mirrors get a crystal clear clean and the glass is left lint-free and streak free. Your stainless steel surfaces will be smudge-free and fingerprint-free. Kitchen surfaces from countertops to sinks, stoves, and microwaves all clean up quickly and completely using just an e-cloth and water. The hidden benefit is no residues on counters and floors, no pollutants going down the drain, and no consumer waste clogging our landfills. Better for the Environment An e-cloth and just water greatly reduces the amount of consumer waste that is being produced while you clean. In six years, how many paper towels, wipes, spray cans and bottles will you go through? Those materials go down our drains and remain on surfaces in our homes. The paper towels, cans and bottles end up in our landfills forever. An e-cloth and just water avoids all of this mess.


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