Dwellbee Rustic Wood and Metal Cleaning Caddy and Gardening Tote, Rectangular (Pine Wood, Galvanized Steel)

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Size:Rectangular Dwellbee dwell•beeAt one point during our product development process, we asked ourselves one simple question: What makes a product great? It seemed silly that it had taken us so long to ask such a simple question. We had been tinkering around with materials and making various products for years before it dawned on us. After much thought and deliberation, we came up with a list of core elements that we found are the most important in achieving a top-tier product. These elements are QUALITY, INTENTION, SIMPLICITY, CONSISTENCY, and BEAUTY.Inspired and excited, we rethought every step of our design process and began making products that embodied our core elements. We didn’t want to add another uninspired product to the already congested marketplace. It boils down to one thing: We want products that excite our customers as well as ourselves. There is no point in bringing another mediocre product into this world.We aim to create innovative, carefully considered, unique items that solve organizational challenges. Each product is designed with purpose and thoughtfully sourced through carefully vetted manufacturers who share our passion for quality, consistency, and integrity.MATERIALS AND DIMENSIONSThis tote is built out of galvanized steel and laminated maple. It measures 10′ x 10′.Due to the handmade nature of this product, exact size, grain, and color may vary.QUALITY GUARANTEEWe believe in our products.Did you receive a damaged item? Don’t worry, 99% of the time this damage occurs during shipping. Our quality guarantee covers all damage related to shipping and ensures the product to be free of defects and faulty craftsmanship. If for any reason the quality of your product doesn’t meet your expectations, please contact us immediately.


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