Dust Mop Kit 18′ : (1) 18′ Blue Industrial Dust Mop, (1) 18′ Wire Dust Mop Frame & (1) Wood Dust Mop Handle Clip-on Style

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Product Description

These dust mops are produced with a professional grade blended yarn for maximum pick of dirt, dust and debris. This yarn design is a single ply over twisted yarn with a small loop at the end that reduces fiber loss during use as well as in the laundry process. These twisted loops eliminate snagging on objects like you find with standard looped-end yarns, making it ideal for any type of use such as residential cleaning, commercial cleaning, and post construction clean up.Twisted Loop Yarn Design reduces linting and fire hazards associated with laundering cut end style cotton dust mops. Cotton cut end mops will leave a lot of fiber bundles behind, and pose a fire threat in dryers. No treatment is necessary with the use of this dust mop.High concentration of colored staple fibers ensure maximum durability and performance. This dust mop yarn style is used by every major Industrial Laundry due to its great performance and durability. Synthetic staple fibers within the yarn blend more resistant to bacteria when compared 100% cotton staple fiber yarns.This dust mop is produced with a heavy Industrial Grade fabric and can be laundered close to 100 times, depending on use conditions, and require less than ? of the energy to wash and dry the dust mop as compared to cut-end cotton mop yarns.Durable, full sized 60” Clip-on style dust mop handle consists of a sliding swivel lock giving you versatility between 360* swivel dust mopping or locked in place for long straight dust mopping needed for larger sized dust mops. Commercial grade welded wire dust mop frame produced to the actual size of mop you purchase. Dust mop size is oversized to correctly fit the frame size and allow for product shrinkage through the life of the dust mop. Example: When you order a 24” dust mop kit the frame is 24” in length and the dust mop is 26 ?” to provide a correct fit and allow for processing changes in the mop size.


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